President of the United States

Politics is a laughing matter. Watch until the end after Hillary Clinton stops laughing.

I don't know what would be the most interesting outcome for the next POTUS.

  1. Donald Trump - whatever you want to say for or against him.
  2. Hillary Clinton. First woman POTUS. Bill Clinton back in the White House. Becoming POTUS with alleged criminality. Playing the woman's card while living with Bill's womanizing history (Trump stirring up old rape allegations).
  3. Bernie Sanders will make America a socialist (communist?) country, running as an independent.

It can get even better. President Trump and Vice-President Sanders with Secretary of State Clinton. Oh wait, she did that already with the email on private server thing.

The unusefulness of the democratic system of government as I ranted.

Hillary Clinton Lies

A State Department Inspector General report said former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton failed to follow the rules or inform key department staff regarding her use of a private email server. Hillary Clinton has repeatedly said many lies to the contrary.

One open question is "When will the FBI indict Hillary Clinton?". There are various scenarios which I would like to see happen for continuing theatre.

  1. Indictment comes near the end of the 2016 presidential race but before the election. This way, it will be interesting to see the Trump - Clinton debate. I want to see ugly.
  2. Indictment comes after the 2016 election. I am curious to see if the majority of voters will pick Clinton for POTUS. Perhaps Clinton supporters don't care about Clinton lies, or they think everyone else is lying.
  3. Indictment happens now and Hillary exits the presidential race. And Bernie Sanders goes on to defeat Trump. Oh my! And if Trump becomes POTUS - Oh my my!

Which candidate do you want to be the next leader of the free world? Not having a President is not an option. Wonderful democratic system that boils down to choosing the least of all evils.

In another example of democracy in action, majority vote elected Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who is turning out to be a bully and man-handles members of the House of Commons when the agenda and debates are not going his way. When Trudeau was in opposition, he was such a strong believer in promoting respect and decorum in the HoC. Funny how things change.

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