i7-4790K Processor

I replaced the Intel processor in my 2013 Desktop Computer for increased computing power. The specs on the Core i7-4790K compared to the Core i3-4340 indicate at least a two-fold increase in processing speed. Video rendering is fairly computationally intensive along with the need to write to the hard disk, therefore, it benefits greatly from the i7-4790K in reducing the time it takes to render videos. 4K Ultra HD videos in particular take a significant length of time. For example, a 3-minute 2160p video with color adjustments took 19 minutes to encode into an MP4 file. With the i3-4340 processor, it would have taken upwards of twice as long.

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I bought this i7-4790K processor for a good price of $450 CAD which was on sale at Canada Computers.

3D Modelling also benefits from the increased computing power of the i7-4790K, although the improvement is less significant than video encoding and rendering because the 3D modelling software already makes heavy use of the CUDA processing capability within the GTX 970 graphics card to speed up 3D rendering times.

Games such as Assassin's Creed Unity benefit from the i7-4790K to achieve higher gameplay framerate for smoother and more realistic user action.

The unboxing of the i7-4790K processor.

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