No Macro Lens

In the absence of a macro lens, here is my poor man's imitation of a macro shot.

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It should be noted that there is no studio or photography lights. This photo shoot was done with a mix of natural light coming through the window and artificial light on the ceiling - probably the worst combination for white balance control.

The object of this photo shoot is a bud from a boutonniere used at a wedding 7 months ago. I initially planned to shoot the boutonniere but after dropping it twice as I was trying to mount it on a tripod, I decided to shoot the bud. I returned the boutonniere to its safe spot, however, it no longer looks like the following picture which was shot a couple of weeks ago (before today's dropping mishaps).

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Here is a larger resolution image of the above picture.

The bud was placed in an eyeglasses case which provides a suitable stage for the shoot. Despite my best effort to clean the dust off the velvet lining of the case, the dust particles can be seen in the "macro" shot. I experimented with all 3 lenses I have: 1) 12-35mm zoom lens, 2) 42.5mm prime lens, 3) 35-100mm zoom lens. The chosen shot came from the 35-100mm lens at 100mm focal length with camera placement at the minimum focusing distance for that lens. The bud was shot on my Lumix DC-G9 camera. The pictures of the photo shoot setup were shot on my Lumix DMC-G7 camera.

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The shot was done using the High Resolution Mode of the Lumix DC-G9 to produce an 80MP image. From that 10368x7776 resolution image, I cropped the 1311x893 image as shown at the top of the page.

Read my Boutonniere Beautiful poem.

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