Boutonniere Beautiful

Boutonniere Beautiful affixed on a wall.
Boutonniere Beautiful had a great fall. Twice!
All the camera man's wit and all the camera man's patience
couldn't put Boutonniere Beautiful's bud back on again.

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I wanted to shoot my boutonniere which is usually safely mounted on my computer case. I wanted to put the boutonniere on a tripod but ended up dropping the boutonniere TWICE!! One bud broke off. So I tried to turn the bad situation into something positive. I did a photo shoot of the bud with no macro lens.

I may have butter fingers but it was my brain, not my hands on this occasion. I was trying to mount the boutonniere on the tripod, which is a stupid idea in retrospect but you know "it sounded like a good idea at the time". It was way too top-heavy for it to stay upright on the tripod. When it tilted over, that should have been a clue for my brain to know it is not going to work. Then I moved the tripod and the base of the boutonniere popped out from where I slotted it and fell to the floor.

Round 2: Always persistent and determined (some accuse me of stubbornness but I prefer a positive term), I tried again. Brain malfunction x 2. Boutonniere did not survive the second fall and bud broke off.

Since I'm handling my camera a lot lately, I wonder if it may fall out of my hands. Because I'm thinking about it every time and making special effort to not drop it, I think it will be safe. I even go shooting without the shoulder/neck strap attached but have started to use it on outings.

Now, as for dropping the soap in the shower ...

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