Texas Holdem Odds

Odds and probabilities are extremely important in Texas Holdem if you are serious to achieve the highest level of play. For the fun social game, it is not imperative to have all the mathematical understanding and recall of odds and probabilities. Bear one thing in mind. Even professionals who have mastered odds and probabilities along with their life-long developed strategies do lose in Texas Holdem. Odds and probabilities are by their intrinsic nature a matter or chance. And chance (luck) will dictate if you win or lose. Furthermore, the aspects of keeping a good "poker face" along with the ability to bluff as well as take risk and to read your opponents are the dynamic areas which ultimately determine the winners in the professional ranks. This also applies to amateur social games.

Here are the top hole cards that should be played, with winning percentage of hands in games involving 10-player hands:

30.82%   Pocket Aces (AA)
25.81%   Kings (KK)
21.85%   Queens (QQ)
19.90%   Ace-King suited (AKs)
18.86%   Pocket Jacks (JJ)
18.22%   Ace-Queen suited (AQs)
17.67%   King-Queen suited (KQs)
17.06%   Ace-Jack suited (AJs)
16.63%   Pocket Tens (TT)
16.55%   King-Jack suited (KJs)
16.31%   Ace-King (AK)

The list can go on but how can a person remember the entire mathematical table? Odds and probabilities continue to be applicable at the flop, turn and river. And it varies depending on the number of players in the game. There are various odds calculators that are available but they are not allowed in real-world tournament play; it is not enforceable for online play; and may be awkward at a social game with friends.

Here is a different way of viewing possibilities. The development of the software program is described in the Texas Holdem blog entry.

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