Posting Comments on Sites and Getting Blocked

I previously wrote about building backlinks and link building insights learned. I spend a considerable amount of time posting comments on sites that I visit. I want to write good quality comments that will add value to the site in exchange for the backlink to my site. Most sites require comment moderation which I welcome and totally agree with - it weeds out spammers.

I have encountered an issue with posting comments on sites, in particular, WordPress sites. About a week ago, I discovered the problem where I got a blank browser window with the URL http://wp-comments-post.php when I attempt to post a comment (which does not get posted). Upon investigation, there is much talk of people with this problem which is rooted in bot software from Akismet.com which automatically detects spammers and blocks them from further comments posting on the Akismet protected sites. WordPress powered sites are spam protected by Akismet.

Since I post what I believe to be quality comments and moderators have apparently agreed by allowing my comment postings to go through, I am perplexed as to why I am blocked by Akismet. I do not know for sure that I am being blocked by Akismet so I sent a message to Akismet.

I am blocked from posting to various WP sites. I would like to inquire if it is Akismet that is blocking my email address and http://this1that1whatever.com site. If I am blocked, may I ask:
1. Can Akismet review my situation and unblock me?
2. What can I do to prevent being flagged/blacklisted again in the future?

Here are some points that I would like Akismet to consider:
1. Prior to being blocked, I submitted posts to many sites including WP sites.
2. All my posts have been accepted by site moderators.
3. My posts can be short or long but my posts are always relevant to the topic. I sometimes include links in my posts where allowed.
4. I like to think my posts add value to the site I am posting on; otherwise, I would expect moderators to reject my posts.
5. If I see that my posts are being rejected, I can either appeal to the site owner or accept the decision and stop posting on that site. If I persist, I would expect the site owner to block me, or simply continue to reject my posts.

To be presumptuous on my part, I suspect that I have been blocked based on false positives for "spammer" detection by Akismet software. To my second question above, I would appreciate Akismet's definition of spammer so that I can avoid actions that might make me appear to be a spammer. As I allude to above, I fully expect human moderators to screen my posts.

Looking forward to advice and resolution from Akismet.

Best Regards,
David Wong

One possibility is that someone has found my email address (which I keep from public visibility) and has used it to post comments thus earning me the Akismet block. Prognosis is not good as people have commented that it can take days, weeks or months to resolve this with Akismet. This is another added challenge with the Internet world and dealing with Web services as exemplified in my experiences with Craigslist and Facebook.

One day, the Internet will grow up and mature, and we will have organized chaos as we have in the physical world. Until then, we are in the "wild west" of the Internet where many things are simply out of control.

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