Link Building Insights Learned

I previously talked about building backlinks with some early link count results. Now a little over a month since that time, my link count in Yahoo Site Explorer is showing 820 backlinks from sites with Google PageRank (PR) ranging from 0 to 6. Here are revelations and lessons learned from my link building exercise thus far.

See Internet Advertising Revenue to learn why search engine visibility is important for an information website which is predicated on the advertising revenue model for income.

Does Google PR Matter? SEO consultants will offer to help you achieve higher PR but the reality is that PR is only one of more than 200 signals that Google presently uses, and they update their private algorithms on a weekly basis. See this Google technology page (Oct/2010). This sample Google search results page shows higher ranking search results with lower PR.

  • I post comments on sites across the PR range.
  • The standard practice is to associate my website URL with my name.[1]
  • Where allowed, I add deep links within my post.[2]
  • Where allowed, I add anchor text for links within my post.[3]

High Placement in Search Results According to a chitika.com study (May/2010), top position gets twice as many clicks as second position. Another revealing point is the rapid drop-off in traffic for lower ranking positions. The data indicates very little click through to other search results pages. Higher than position 1000 is invisible as Google does not display those. Lower than 1000 is visible but gets essentially no traffic except for top-10. One more challenge is the recently launched Google Place Search.

Click chart to view data

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Despite the overwhelming mountain to climb to reach top-10:

  • I build links to get visitor traffic directly from the sites linking to my site.
  • I build links for SEO to get organic search engine traffic.

High PR but Low Traffic There are sites with high PR that have relatively little traffic by evidence of the most recent comment posting dating back to more than a year ago. I still post to these site for the high PR factor but I understand that I am not likely to get much traffic. In contrast, a large percentage of my traffic is coming from social media networking sites as reflected in referring sites traffic.

See follow-up getting blocked blog entry.

[1] Associate URL http://This1That1Whatever.com with name David.
[3] Link with anchor text Link Building Insights Learned.

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