Stocks look good in the rear view mirror

Stocks look good in the rear view mirror

When a stock price chart is shown with historical progression, it is so clear what the decision should have been before the rise. Did you buy Baidu at the beginning of January/2010? If so, you would have made a 170% gain. When Google threatened to pull out of China over free speech last year, smart investors jumped on Baidu's stock, realizing it would have one of the world's most important search markets all to itself.

In contrast, if you had purchased Google stock in January/2010, you would have made a 2% gain. At least you would not have lost money in that stock position.

It is very important to know industry news along with fundamental analysis of companies whose stocks you are buying. It is also important for traders and investors to have technical analysis in their stock trading toolbox.

Stock trading articles can be found in the stock market segment of this website where you will also find a guided series of articles on stock market trading and explanation of candlestick technical analysis techniques, in addition to candlestick charts.

Baidu stock has been added to Candlestick Charts List.

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