Hard Disk Capacity

With the video editing and production activity for my DMC-G7 camera and Assassin's Creed Unity gameplay action, I am finding hard disk capacity to be quite limited. The 4K Ultra HD video capability of the DMC-G7 camera further pushes hard disk capacity due to the increased resolution which means larger video files.

When I purchased my current i3 computer in 2013, I thought equipping it with a 500GB hard drive was sufficient. Certainly at that time, I was not into video editing and production. I ensured that future expansion was an open option by selecting a system able to accommodate additional resources such as extra memory, more hard disk drives and a graphics card.

The following pictures and video show the interior of my computer with an Intel i3-4340 processor. Initially, there was a single WD Caviar Black hard disk with 500GB of storage capacity. I recently added a WD Blue hard disk with 500GB of storage capacity. This hard disk was left over from my 2008 computer which had been given away, except for the hard disk.

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In the third picture (Exhibit 3), the WD Caviar Black is in the top position while the WD Blue is below it in the hard disk drive cage which was challenging to take out due to all those power cables and other wires. The computer case is a particular small unit to take up less space but makes the interior quite cramped.

I continue to manage my hard disk capacity by deleting raw video files after completing video editing and production work for each project. If video production activity ramps up, I will consider adding a 3TB hard disk. The WD Black has an excellent reliability record as well as brand recognition so I am keeping an eye on pricing for future consideration.

January 24, 2016: I added a 3TB hard disk to my computer system.

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