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I despise the media for its biased and politically driven making of the news. I like it when the media brings the news. I refuse to pay to hear the media talk. I can't remember in what year I last bought a newspaper. I boycott online media outlets that want to charge me a subscription fee to see their shit! I can get all the news I can tolerate online for free.

I follow Fox and MSNBC YouTube videos - they are free - one is right slanted while the other is left slanted - both spew crap in support of their side. Morning Joe on MSNBC presents both sides - Mika is openly and clearly in support of Hillary Clinton while Joe is a Republican (not in agreement with many things Trump). It was refreshing to see today's Morning Joe where Mika actually pointed out effective things done by Trump (in fear of her candidate losing while doing little to change America's mind). Mika has recently been on a tirade on all things negative about Trump so it was really refreshing to see her presenting both sides.

Having to pick between Trump and Clinton for POTUS is like having to choose between gonorrhea and syphilis. In the end, it is the people of America who will decide on which STD they want. They are foxtroted either way. Pathetic system of representative democracy which is stupid for the 21st century. Direct Democracy on Mars will be much better.

First Presidential Debate

Friendlier Times

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Political Theatre

Bill Clinton is headed back to the White House, as the mainstream media and the polls suggest. I will lose my $0.25 bet. I prefer that Hillary goes directly to JAIL without passing GO. I'll bet $0.50 that Hillary does not go to jail. Maybe Trump should spend his millions to back all the female victims to sue the pants off of Bill. What's that got to do with Hillary? Totally unrelated, do you remember the Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka case?

Put Hillary in Jail

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